Electric Automatic Car Jack n Impact Wrench

₦60,000 ₦40,000

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The Electric Car Jack & Impact Wrench (2Ton) is a portable tyre changing tool kit for cars (saloon and sedan). It fits conveniently and perfectly in your trunk or flat bed and readily available when you need it. You can change your tyre with ease. All you need do is to plug the tool into your vehicle’s standard DC outlet and let the tool do its work. Powered tool lift and lower your vehicle, allows for easy removal of the flat tyre, and ensure your spare tyre is safely, firmly and correctly attached to get you on your way.

  • 2 Ton Electric Car Jack + Impact Wrench
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Fused for overload protection
  • Max weight – 2 tons
  • Supply voltage – DC 12V (supplied via your vehicle’s cigarette lighter)
  • Height range – 23cm (rising from 12cm to 35cm)
  • Rated loading weight is 1000Kg, 1500Kg and 2000Kg


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