Car Fridge Cooling and Warming 7.5L

₦18,000 ₦9,999

  • Storage of drinks and foods for journey, picnic, camping, yacht and at home or in the office
  • To ensure a better refrigeration effect in a short time, please put pre-frozen drinks and fruits
  • Portable & easy to carry everywhere
  • Dual Function: Cooling & Warming
  • Note:
    • The car fridge is not for frozen purpose, but to keep or maintain cold foods/drinks cold or hot foods/drinks hot
    • It take 15 – 30 minutes to cold or warm the foods/drinks
    • In order to reach the ideal result of cooling / warming, you can per-frozen or pre-heat your foods/drinks before put into the fridge
    • When you wants to switch from Cold to Hot or vice verse, you need to turn OFF the power source for about 30 minutes


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