Car Vacuum Cleaner

₦4,500 ₦2,000

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This device possesses powerful suctions capable of sucking dirts and dust particles on the carpet,seats and other interior areas of cars,very compact, handy and lightweight, controlled by a switch, very easy to use and it has a washable filter.
Dimensions 100mm x 475mm. Package size: 30cm x 9.5cmx 13 cm

Package weight: 333g

Power Rating/ Wattage : 60Watts
Color: White and Blue.

Power Input: DC-12V Cigarette Lighter Port
Power cord measurement : 280cm.

Material Type: Plastic
Vacuum Degree: 2000-2600Pa.

Product Weight: 19.75oz.

Start your car, connect the power line connector into the car cigarette lighter port and turn on the switch, put the air entry cling tightly to the dirty surface and start cleaning, after using this device kindly press the upper button and take off the front crust, then remove the rubber filter net, and clean up the dirts in the filter.


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