Get Your Groove Back Oriflame

₦3,500 ₦2,600

Feminelle special care+ offers expert solutions for specific intimate needs.
This is an extra mild wash also for sensitive skin providing enhanced protection against discomfort so you stay fresh and confident throughout the day.
Why use Feminelle special care+;
Using soap will stripe away the normal flora of the Vagina and the PH which makes you prone to Urinary tract infection (UTI)
Feminelle special care + contains Natural Lactic acid. This Lactic acid maintains the vaginas acidity which is very essential for protection against bacterial and fungal infections.
This wash keeps infections at bay.
It is a soap free formulation
It is PH balanced
It is Dermatological and gynaecology tested making it safe for use for women with minor gynea dryness and sensitivity.
It is made with Relief complex
Instant relief from discomfort
It Moisturizes the intimate area
It is Formulated for everyday


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