Manual Beans Grinder

₦2,000 ₦1,000

Portable Beans, Groundnut And Fruit Blender • Fruit , Beans,& Groundnut
• Fruit juicer for pomegranate, pineapple, ginger, watermelon, apple
• Large safety holder-with slider provides easy grip and smooth sliding
• Handy and comfortable to use and maintain
• Detachable container
Adopt traditional method to soak and modern craftsmanship to grind beans Make fresh and healthy soybean milk Exquisite appearance and compact size, convenient to carry Economical and can also be used for fruits and veggies No battery required Material: Plastic

This appliance is useful for grinding beans,also making fresh and healthy soybean milk.It’s also economical,does not require a battery or electricity to function,it has a compact size,very convenient to carry. • Easy to clean


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