Spy HD Video Camera Wrist Watch

₦12,000 ₦7,500

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  • This hidden camera looks just like a men’s gadget; discreet and impossible for anyone to think of it; no light is on when working; can be used as spy camera, nanny camera and security camera.
  • An 8GB memory card built-in, support loop video recording.When SD card gets full the newest file will overwite the previous file clip and continue recording.
  • High resolution video recording, an impressive camera photo mode. It has a 8GB memory storing over 5 hours of HD video recording.Its battery operate’s for 90 minute’s recording video.
  • Its sleek and stylish design makes it easy to use, without drawing attention to the fact that you’re recording video or snapping high resolution pictures.
  • Just press the button and record all the action. To watch a video, simply plug it into a standard USB port on your computer and download the footage.



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