Zipper Trimmer Belt Size 16 Above

₦3,500 ₦2,400

Style Fitness Adjustable Slimming Belt
Unique zipper design slims and trims the waist instantly
Sauna Action: Helps shed excess water as you exercise
Flatten and shape abs
Provides excellent back support
5 Zipper closures to help to look as slim as you want and for customized support and comfort
5th Zipper – 50 inch Waist
4th Zipper Fits – 46 inch Waist
3rd Zipper Fits – 40 inch Waist
2nd Zipper Fits – 36 inch Waist
1st Zipper Fits – 30 inch Waist
Adjusts as you slim down
Wear alone to boost workout benefits
Wear over clothes to instantly slim stomach and shape abs
Material: Neoprene (neoprene material for heat retention, elasticity and comfort)


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