Herbal Colon Cleanser Androgrophis Paniculata




Cleanses the Colon Prevent stomach problems Control blood and Urine sugar Improve Libido, supports immune systems Improve eye sight Remove toxins Reduces Cholesterol Purifies the blood Prevent piles, waist and body pain. Dosage: 4 tablespoons once daily for an adult before the meal. 2 tablespoons for children between ages 5 -12 years. Shake before you use Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Please not to be taken by pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children. Shake before you use NAFDAC NO: A7-1819L Biotrend Herbal Colon Cleanser is tested and NAFDAC approved product for the following diseases; Cleans the colon, Prevents stomach problems, Controls blood & urine sugar, Improves libido, Eye sight, Remove toxins, Cholesterol, Purifies the blood, Prevents Pile, Waist and body pain. It prevents and further cures any of this diseases.