Infrared Massage Hammer




It uses the combination of infrared rays, magnetic therapy, and pulsating massage relaxes which relaxes the muscles and reduces pain.

The massage device is effective for conditions such as Arthritis, Bursitis, Sinusitis, Tennis elbow, Backache, Neck pain, Neuralgia, Menstrual pain, Muscular pain, Cellulitis. Benefits of the Infrared massage machine

The benefits of the infrared dolphin massager are almost endless. It is very effective for men and women.

The dolphin massager is an electric massager which mimics the dolphin in shape.

The infrared massage hammer is enhanced by infrared therapy using infrared light to increase the production of nitric acid – a molecule that is responsible for healthy blood vessels relaxes the arteries and prevents blood from clotting.

Nitric oxide which will be enhanced by the infrared magnetic massage hammer