Male Sperm Count Infertility Tribulus Capsule by Biotrend




Tribulus Capsules is an Ayurvedic medicine which has shown its best results as a perfect remedy for male infertility. It increases sperm count rapidly and makes semen more fertile and thick. Tribulus is a little different than most of the supplements in that instead of erectile dysfunction or low libido, it treats a low sperm count for the purpose of increasing male fertility. Tribulus Capsule is helpful in Oligospermia (Low sperm count), Teratospermia (Defective sperm morphology) and Asthenospermia. Also it is very much beneficial in Nightfall (Nocturnal Emission) problem of males.Features:

Treats Oligospermia (low sperm Count) Azoospermia (no Sperm )

Boost sexual desire.

Increase sperm count.

Improve sperm health and movement.

Sperm Booster

Promotes general male fertility