Air Walker Exercise Machine American Fitness




High quality strong build thick tubing low impact total body workout strengthens and tones buttocks, thighs and legs dual action smooth operation, compact body, easy assembly, great price meter full body workout – the air walker targets muscles in your arms as well as your legs. maintain an upright posture so your abs muscles will work as stabilizing muscles increases stability and endurance versatility – you can simulate a slow walk and work up to a full run with complete freedom. ergonomic moving handlebars let you tone and condition your entire body or if you are looking for a lower body workout only simply use the center handlebars for stability 180 free-motions – get 180 degrees of free range of motion. activate tone and strengthen the glutes and legs with moving the legs not only moving back and forth but side to side! space saving – the air walker elliptical folds and glides with its built in transportation wheels for storage, so it is excellent